The states of India are a diverse lot.

And they are at different stages of development. Some states are rapidly industrialising while some are still seeing faster growth in Agriculture. The smallest Indian state is just 1% the size of the largest and likewise, the poorest Indian state has a per Capita GDP of just 10% of the richest Indian state. On one hand, the southern states including Kerala and Tamil Nadu are expected to barely see any growth in population in the current decade. While on the other hand, states such as Bihar and Jharkhand are expected to see 10-15% growth in population during the current decade. Thus, while aggregate data gives an important perspective on where India as a country stands, it misses out on many nuances that state-level data throws up. We hope this book helps you appreciate these nuances.

The book is structured in three sections with around 400 pages in total. The first section highlights the key trends across states. The second section covers state rankings across various parameters and the third section has a dashboard for every state. Each section has 10 chapters covering various facets from Demographics and Health to Energy and Infrastructure to Banking and State Finances.

This is an eBook. You will receive a password protected eBook.